The Advanced Computing for Environmental Science (ACES) research group conducts cutting-edge research in computer science to accelerate environmental science.

Environmental science depends on the analysis of large volumes of observational data and on sophisticated simulation schemes, coupling different physics on multiple time and special scales, demanding both supercomputing and specialised data analysis systems. ACES research themes address the future of the relevant computing and data systems. Current projects include work on developing software to aid scientific programming on next generation computing systems, on cloud computing, on exploiting machine learning in environmental science, and on new software and hardware systems for handling the high volume and high velocity data typical of environmental science workflows.

ACES is based in the Computer Science Department at the University of Reading.

As well as research, we are involved in both undergraduate teaching and providing training and consultancy for third parties, including the wider scientific community and industry. Get in touch with one of us if you are interested (contact details are on individual web pages linked below).

Several of us hold dual positions with other organisations. Bryan, Simon, and Annette all have roles in NCAS/CMS as well, and Chris has a dual position with the Met Office.


Bryan Lawrence
Professor of Weather and Climate Computing
Chris Maynard
Associate Professor in Computer Science

Research Staff

Annette Osprey
Research Software Engineer
Simon Wilson
Research Software Engineer

PhD Students

Daniel Galea
Ph.D Student
Erdem Yilmaz
Ph.D Student

Key Collaborators

Julian Kunkel : Stellvertretender Leiter High-Performance Computing (GWDG)
Grenville Lister : Head of NCAS CMS
Jon Blower : Chief Technology Officer at the Institute of Environmental Analytics

Related Research Groups

Computational Modelling Services (NCAS)
CMS colleagues work on our projects as necessary.

Institutional Collaborators

The German Climate Computing Centre