Christopher Maynard

Associate Professor of Computer Science

I joined the Advanced Computing for Environmental Sciences (ACES) group in the department of Computer Science at the University of Reading in January 2018.

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Research Interests


I completed a PhD in Quantum Field theory at Edinburgh University in 1998. I used a Cray T3D (and later T3E) to calculate the spectra and decays of heavy mesons. Between 1999 and 2005 I continued this research first as a PPARC personal fellow then as a common or garden PDRA. By this time I realised it was perhaps the mathematics and computation that I wished to pursue and I joined the Edinburgh parallel computing centre (EPCC) . Here I ported, optimised and developed scientific and commercial code for High Performance Computers (HPC), engaged into research for methods exploiting such machines and taught aspects of HPC to students on the MSc course. In 2012 I left EPCC and joined the Met Office as a scientific software engineer. Where I applied what I had learnt to developing the Unified Model and later designing and developing LFRic, a new atmospheric model. I now work part-time for the Met Office and part-time for the University of Reading.


Computing Programming C and C++. CS1PR16-Programming


Dr Christopher Maynard
Department of Computer Science
School of Mathematical, Physical and Computer Science
University of Reading
Room Room 156 Polly Vacher
Whiteknights, Reading

Phone: +44 ( 0)118 378 8322; Email: