Container Workflows for HPC

We are investigating the use of Singularity in the support of a range of key activities, including deploying two global models, the UM and LFRic, to a range of target platforms, from laptops to supercomputers such as ARCHER2, CIRRUS, and JASMIN.

We began with simple MPI tests, and progressed to more sophisticated deployment of climate models, always attempting to test and measure real scientific codes.

Our largest deployment so far was carrying out some LFRic test runs on ARCHER2 using our singularity version of LFRIC running on various configurations up to 324 nodes (5184 MPI ranks with 41472 threads) - a global resolution of 4.5km. As of May 2022, this was the “biggest” LFRic simulation thus far, although we plan to go to higher resolution and bigger node counts soon.


Chris Maynard
Associate Professor in Computer Science
Simon Wilson
Research Software Engineer
Bryan Lawrence
Professor of Weather and Climate Computing