ExCALIDATA: I/O and Storage in the Excascale Era

The Exascale Computing ALgorithms & Infrastructures for the Benefit of UK Research (ExCALIBUR) programme is a five year activity with two delivery partners: the Met Office(for PSREs and the NERC community) and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). The aim of the programme is to redesign high priority simulation codes and algorithms to fully harness the power of future supercomputers, keeping UK research and development at the forefront of high-performance simulation science.

We have two funded projects in the cross-cutting segment of the programme, addressing a) optimal use of storage by developing new storage interfaces which hide storage complexity, and b) minimising data movement within simulations and in analysis workflows. The two projects were designed a complementary pair in the hope they would both be funded - they were. The work packages are shown in this schematic:

Three types of computing
Key activities within ExCALIDATA.

More details can be found in Bryan’s talks on the subject.

We are partnering with the University of Cambridge, DDN, and StackHPC in delivering this work.


Bryan Lawrence
Professor of Weather and Climate Computing
Computational Modelling Services (NCAS)
CMS colleagues work on our projects as necessary.