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This workshop is the inaugural meeting in the attempt to forming a special interest group for high-performance I/O in the UK. It brings together: storage vendors, system and middleware developers, and users of data-intensive workloads in order to develop strategies for research, funding but also product development. It covers all aspects of data access and management including I/O workflow handling, parallel file systems, middleware, data compression, tuning, performance monitoring, novel interfaces, storage technology, data center perspectives. Participants present relevant RD&E in this field and discuss opportunities to bring forward the research in the UK. Talks should include challenges faced dealing with I/O and ongoing activities to overcome these challenges. Vendor talks focus on technical solutions for certain challenges accompanied by use cases demonstrating the benefit.

This meeting was organised under the auspices of the Virtual Insitute for I/O and ESIWACE.


Julian Kunkel
Stellvertretender Leiter High-Performance Computing (GWDG)